Mental Toughness University is a comprehensive psychological training process that helps companies increase sales, develop people, and manage change.  It is particularly applicable to sales teams that are committed to increasing sales and moving market share.  It also is impactful for change management initiatives and especially beneficial for ‘survivors’ after significant reductions in force.

To bring this powerful program to you, B. J. Glover Learning & Consulting has partnered with Steve Siebold, founder of “Mental Toughness University,” a division of the Siebold Success Network.

Siebold launched the firm in 1986 after retiring from professional tennis. MTU’s first clients included Professional, Olympic, Collegiate and high-level amateur athletes. The focus was on psychological performance training with an emphasis on thriving under pressure.

In 1996, MTU began training large corporate teams, helping them increase sales, develop people, and thrive during change by teaching them the psychological training tools of professional athletes.

MTU’s Corporate Client List Includes:

• Johnson & Johnson (15 divisions/3 subsidiaries over 7 years)
• GlaxoSmithKline (19 divisions over 9 years)
• Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical (Entire Company over 2 years)
• Toyota
• Volvo
• Harrah’s Entertainment
• King Pharmaceutical
• Nokia
• Coldwell Banker
• Parkview Health Care
• Janssen Pharmaceutical
• J & J Bio Tech
• Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical
• World Financial Group
• Nikken
• Philip Morris
• Miller Brewing

Primary Benefits of Mental Toughness Training:

• Increased Sales
• Improved Change Management Skills
• World-Class Development
• Greater Engagement/Job Satisfaction
• Higher Retention Rates
• Better Customer Service
• Enhanced Hiring Criteria
• World-Class Performance Under Pressure

Most MTU corporate clients are sales and management teams that report dramatic increases in sales. Management teams benefit by learning how to coach the mental toughness process and implementing it into their daily routine. Managers often adopt new and additional criteria for hiring after completing the process. Employee retention rates are positively impacted due to the personal benefits gained during the training.

MTU delivers both professional and personal results. The process helps managers in developing their people for promotion, and also gives them psychological tools to help them thrive in a permanent white-water environment.

Since most research shows that an employee’s job is not the most important aspect of his or her life, the ongoing personal benefits of this process tends to raise the switching cost of an employee moving to another company. Leaders often cite better customer service from their teams as a result of their new level of focus on the customer.

Mental Toughness University is a Process…Not a Program

MTU is about training people how to think like world-class performers, and how to control and manipulate their own emotions for maximum performance. MTU is a cross between emotional intelligence training and critical thinking. It’s an introspective process that causes people to examine their thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs and how they directly impact their results with prospects and customers. We call this process, ‘Facilitated Introspection’.


The 6-hour LIVE session is an awakening to expose participants to the process and teach them the world-class level of emotional competence and psychological performance. MTU further facilitates this transformation over a 12-month period through web-based video training. Participants are assigned 15 minutes of video training/answering questions each week, which are completed during non-selling hours.

To learn more Psychological Performance training with Mental Toughness University, contact Bj Glover at 405.323.2940 or