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Today, most leadership development opportunities are primarily offered to senior leaders, upper-level managers and young corporate “stars” who are easy to identify as possessing the potential to move into key leadership and management positions over time.

However, leadership potential can be found among workers at all levels of each and every organization, whether it is expressed or repressed – or focused in positive or negative directions.

The failure to nurture and direct this leadership potential at all organizational levels creates critical ramifications for coworkers, teams, supervisors – and every stakeholder in the company (including the stockholders).

In short: employee retention is compromised; creative and innovative approaches and solutions are unrealized (or even sabotaged); and unidentified leadership talent never becomes the powerful resource for profit and progress that it could be – everyone loses.

Organizations which recognize, and are willing to invest in, leadership potential across all employee levels have a powerful competitive edge against their competitors.

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