Could it be that, in your organization, your greatest asset – your human capital – is one of your greatest challenges as well?  If so, you’re not alone.

In fact, in a recent study, one in four surveyed CEO’s said that they were forced to cancel strategic initiatives or were unable to pursue a market opportunity due to talent constraints within their organizations.

Our expertise in talent management and development can help you address such critical talent issues as identifying your high potentials vs high performers (they’re not the same); assessing your leadership bench strength; ascertaining the talent gaps in your organization; and examining whether or not you are making optimal use of your existing talent.

We all know that constant change characterizes today’s workplace.  We are encountering new human capital issues as never before.  From the intergenerational workforce to technological advances, including the explosion of social media, leaders must navigate a “new world of work” according to Deloitte’s “2015 Global Human Capital Trends” report.

If you, like other leaders, are concerned with your organizational culture and employee engagement; workforce capability and HR/people analytics; leadership, learning and development, and performance management, we’re here to help.

While you focus on your core business, we can provide critical expertise and assistance managing your human capital issues.

With total respect for your established vision, mission, goals, and organizational culture, we collaborate with your business partners to create strategies and tactics that will support and develop your enterprise capabilities and growth.

We use a variety of organizational diagnostic tools from employee surveys and focus groups to training needs analyses to identify a wide range of solutions and interventions for all levels of leaders including:
• Leadership and manager development  programs*
• Change management initiatives
• Team assessment, development and performance management
• Diverse and inclusive workplace cultures*
• Learning roadmaps
• Training solutions (including psychological performance training*)

Your organizational effectiveness is our priority and, with more than twenty-five years experience in Human Resource management, we are well versed in a broad spectrum of human capital issues and solutions.  We bring you the benefit of decades of both accomplishments and lessons learned to optimize your organizational success.

Contact us today to explore the possibilities.

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